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On October 12, 2022, at 10 am, the Cenderawasih University One Health Collaborating Center (Uncen OHCC) Team held a Fun Learning activity in the classrooms of SD Negeri Inpres Skouw Sae. The activity was one of the One Health Village programs in Skouw Sae Village, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Papua. This first Fun Learning activity was themed Mosquitoes and Malaria, which aims to provide an early understanding of how to avoid mosquito bites as prevention of malaria. The activity began with remarks by Kodim, S.Pd, the Principal of SD Negeri Inpres Skouw Sae. He welcomed this positive activity to teach children about a healthy lifestyle by learning and playing activities. He also hopes that this activity will continue to study other diseases—next, a brief introduction by Dr. Inriyanti Assa, SP., M.Si as Uncen’s OHCC Coordinator. During the presentation, it was seen that the children were enthusiastic in listening to the explanation from Dr. Hanna Kawulur, M. Si, and Herbet Innah, Ph.D. The learning topic described the life cycle of mosquitoes and plasmodium, ways of spreading disease, symptoms of malaria, and how to prevent malaria. The children were clever and active during the quiz session.

Furthermore, 42 elementary school children were given space for creativity, namely coloring picture of mosquitoes as a form of health literacy. Nabila, a grade 6 elementary school student, said she was delighted to participate in this activity because this was the first time she had heard about the causes of malaria and understood how to prevent malaria. After presenting the material and coloring together, the Uncen OHCC Team gave prizes to Inpres State Elementary School students who had actively answered quiz. Then this first Fun Learning activity was closed with a group photo together.

In the second Fun Learning activity, the Uncen OHCC Team returned to visit the Inpres State Elementary School to continue the educational session with the theme of Rat Disease and how to prevent it. This second material is packaged in the form of watching videos and presentations by Sherly Ramandey, DVM. In between the explanations, quiz questions were held, and the children looked very swift and intelligent in answering these questions. Materials included types of rats, rats’ favorite foods, places where rats live, diseases transmitted by rats, and how to prevent the disease from rats. In the morning activity on December 14, 30 children from first to sixth-grade representatives were involved. The children also looked happy and cheerful during the session of making origami mice guided by Widyawati Ratnasariani, SKM. At the end of the activity, the Uncen OHCC Team gave prizes to students who actively answered quiz questions and took group photos together.