Series 2 of OHSC Batch 4 : “‘The Role of Millennials Generation in Sexual Violence Issue in Jayapura, Papua”

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Cenderawasih University One Health Collaborating Center (OHCC Uncen) held a One Health Student Club Series 2 class with the theme “The Role of Millennials in Gender Issues (Sexual Violence) in Jayapura, Papua” on Friday, March 31, 2023, at the Faculty of Medicine, Cenderawasih University. The two series of OHSC Batch 4 aims that OHSC Batch 4 members as the millennial generation who can master technology, are expected to play an active role in dealing with issues in the form of outreach on social media and verbally to other students starting from the Cenderawasih University environment to the Papuan community.

As the Moderator, Maria CY Hukubun S.Sos., MPH, hosted the One Health Student Club Series 2 activity. Before starting the event, OHSC Batch 4 participants must take a pre-test. Then the activity was opened by Dr. Inriyanti Assa, S.P., M.Si, as OHCC Uncen’s Coordinator.

In the first session, dr. Izak Yesaya Samay, M.Kes., Sp.KJ discussed the importance of self-protection and reported incidents of experiencing sexual violence on campus. He explained that the harmful impact that could happen to survivors was severe depression due to sexual deviations because survivors did not dare to report them for fear, embarrassment, or guilt. “There are three steps in efforts to prevent sexual violence that can be implemented on campus, namely (1) learning activities, (2) strengthening governance, (3) strengthening community power referring to students, educators, and education staff.” said dr. Izak Samay. He added that students must also play an active role in this gender issue by participating in outreach, promoting more gender-based issues, seeking information about the task force for preventing sexual violence on campus and implementing healthy relationships with educators on and off campus.

Then in the second session, the Head of the Protection of Women and Children DP3A-KB, Papua Province, Josefint Braundame Wandosa, S.E., M.Si, explained cases of sexual violence experienced by women and children in Jayapura City. She also explained the rules and legal criminal sanctions for perpetrators of crimes of sexual violence. At the end of her presentation, she discussed the role of Uncen students in handling survivors of sexual violence on campus. “Campus must build a service system where complaints are made for survivors according to the three basic principles of guarantee, namely Protection, Equality, and Confidentiality.” She added three points that campuses must also focus on this issue. Firstly, making clear handling regulations and sanctions for perpetrators; secondly, forming an independent and impartial investigative team; and lastly, providing psychologist or psychiatrist services, physical health care, and security if the victim is threatened.

After the presentation and the Q&A session, participants were required to complete the post-test through Quiziziz games and the winners were Selvy, Stevani, and Resti. At the end of the OHSC Batch 4 event, the two speakers took a group photo with all the One Health class participants.