Kampung One Health : Sophia Integrated Christian Kindergarten Skouw Sae

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The Uncen OHCC team visited Sophia Integrated Christian Kindergarten in Skouw Sae village to hold a Fun Learning Series in October and November. The first activity was themed Mosquitoes and Malaria on the thirteenth of October. The activity began with a brief introduction by Dr. Inriyanti Assa, SP., M.Si, as Uncen’s OHCC Coordinator. Then it continued with the delivery of material in the form of Story Telling using pictures guided by Widyawati Ratnasariani. The children looked active listening to stories about the symptoms of a person affected by Malaria, the life cycle of mosquitoes, the spread of disease, and how to prevent Malaria. Next, the children actively joined a role-play regarding how mosquitoes infect. In this session, children can easily understand how healthy humans are infected with Malaria by mosquitoes. At the end of the activity, the children were given the freedom to be creative in coloring Mosquito pictures. “I enjoy coloring. I like playing with my sister too. There are lots of mosquitoes at home at night,” said Evan, one of the kindergarten students who was asked by the OHCC Uncen team when coloring a picture together. With this socialization in the form of Story Telling, children will tell stories back to their families so that material on preventing Malaria can be conveyed. The number of children who attended this activity was six boys and seven girls aged 4 and 5. Then this first Fun Learning series activity was closed with a photo of the children, teachers, and the Uncen OHCC team.

The second Fun Learning activity on the first of November is the themed Prevention of Worms. Widya Ratnasariani presented material for introducing diseases caused by worms and how to prevent worms in the form of Story Telling by pictures—then proceeded with coloring pictures of worms as a form of the early education activity. after the coloring session, the children were taught how to wash their hands properly by Sherly Ramandey. One by one, the children left the classroom to practice washing their hands with running water and soap. It can be seen that the children understand how to wash their hands properly. It is hoped that children can continue this activity at home to minimize helminthiasis in this area. This time, the number of children involved in the activity was ten children and two teachers. This second Fun Learning activity was closed with a group photo.

In the last Fun Learning series activity, the children of the Sophia Terpadu Christian Kindergarten in the Muara Tami District were invited to learn and play about dogs as their favorite animals. Widya, one of Uncen’s OHCC team, explained how to properly care for dogs and potential infectious diseases from dogs to humans. The children were very active in asking and answering after the explanation session. It was then continued with the craft-making session. The children were happy and enthusiastic about sticking colorful crafts to form a dog’s face. 13 children and three kindergarten teachers attended this morning’s activity. The purpose of this activity with the theme Fun Learning Dogs’ Pets is to socialize the prevention of rabies, fungi, and bacteria that can be transmitted from dogs to children, where they always play with these pets. This form of learning while playing is prevalent with Kindergarten children, so the delivery of material can be well received by children. One of the teachers thought introducing disease in pets was very interesting because it had never been taught to children here. She was delighted with the presence of the Uncen OHCC team during these three meetings to provide early disease prevention education for these kindergarten children. At the end of the activity, the Uncen OHCC team took a group photo of the kindergarten children holding their crafts.